Set realistic goals

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Set realistic goals

When we make a sale or get close to our goal, we are overwhelmed by a sense of accomplishment that motivates us to keep selling.

I am sure that everyone who has read this article has been in a situation where one of their superiors, a sales manager, or someone higher up in the company has given them unachievable goals.

If unrealistic goals are set, the mission is doomed from the start. This immediately creates a sense of desperation within the sales team, which can have a catastrophic impact on morale.

The sales team will complete their tasks and work as hard as possible to achieve their goals. However, when he fails to achieve his goals, he feels a sense of failure and hesitates to move on.

In short, unrealistic goals take the fun out of selling.

Personal History. . .

During my banking career, I led a sales team at a small grocery store branch. This is called in-store banking. An estimated seven thousand people walked through the grocery store where I was located each week.

Based on these statistics, one of my sales team’s goals was to open six checking accounts per day.

This would correspond to a monthly goal of one hundred and eighty checking accounts per month. It was very unrealistic for me and my team.

Therefore, in-store banking was new to the banking industry and these goals were set by people who had never set foot in a branch.

Please understand that I am not bitter about this. I just look at the facts and believe this is an ongoing problem for companies.