Seven basic information perspectives

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Seven basic information perspectives

1) Proprietary Information: * To what extent is the information on your website unique, original or proprietary?
* An endless selection of general information means clutter and boredom.
* The “value” of the information provided is always unique to each visitor
* Highlighting the uniqueness of information also increases its value

2) Amount of information: *How much information on a website is too much?
* Too many details can quickly exceed the interest of site visitors
* The amount of information provided should be based on the extent of the information need in the respective market niche.

3) Highlighting information: * How unique should the words and terms on your website be?
*Markets and industries use different information terms and phrases
* Try to “talk” about your target market niche on your website.*Differentiated information can be a key variable in purchasing decisions

4) Accuracy of Information: * How accurate should the information on your website be?
* Information accuracy requirements relate to potential liability for adverse consequences arising from incorrect information.
* Gaining the trust of your website visitors is an ongoing and consistent process

5) Timeliness of information: * How “current” should the information on your website be?* The speed of information provision often increases the perceived added value
* Competitive advantages often arise through an “informational shortcut”
* Outdated information is often associated with poor customer service

6) Information interactivity: * How important are website visitor reactions to expected message adoption rates and communication effectiveness?
* Dialogue with the customer leads to more loyalty
* Increasing reliance on visitor feedback reduces broadcast effectiveness

7) Information Format: * How do you most effectively structure the message on your website?
* Information is best absorbed in small steps
* Simplifying the visual structure of the information on your website “invites” readers
* Intuitive information navigation maximizes website visitor engagement