So you have some privacy on the Internet

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So you have some privacy on the Internet

G Invasion
Whether you use Google for your searches or Gmail for your correspondence, you’re walking down the street naked.

Everything you type into Google search, every word in Gmail is sold to advertisers.

You will notice that you receive more advertisements than actual messages in Gmail. And it never ends.

You delete the same ad two or three times a day. Why are you on this list? Why are you being targeted by so many ads?

Think about it: your inbox, your “private” email address is public.

Don’t you believe me?

Use a “keyword” in your email, e.g. B. “Autism”. Suddenly every corner of the ad-supported internet is full of references to autism.

It’s not just Gmail. Using Google-related products is dangerous. They have no privacy and hacking has gotten better.

Google and it doesn’t work, it sells your information. This is why a company that offers a free service can make so much money. Make money by selling your information

Anyone can pay Google as if they were an “advertiser”. You will receive thousands of email addresses. They can then sell these addresses to scammers.

Google makes millions selling your information. Anyone who buys addresses makes millions by selling them to fraudsters.

scammers make millions from their scams.