Social media trends for proper business marketing

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Social media trends for proper business marketing

The only way to hit the mark in economic development is to intensify efforts where the target group is most often. Today, social media is a powerful demographic platform where your target audience spends most of their time. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular platforms receive daily updates and improve user experience. The world of social media is experiencing incredible growth and it is important that your business adapts to the latest demands and developments in this sector. Below are the top five social media marketing trends to watch out for in 2018.

Gone are the days when users simply posted a text, image or link on social media. Now everything is more personalized. Videos have completely taken over social networks; Users are engaging more in video chats and companies are focusing more on video advertising their business. With videos, companies can make boring information interesting and eliminate generic information. Research shows that around 43% of users prefer watching corporate videos, and globally, 51.9% of marketers consider videos to be the best type of content in terms of ROI.As the popularity of video content has increased over the past year, videos are expected to drive greater user engagement across all social media channels. Live streaming is the prevailing trend right now and for businesses looking to improve their performance in 2018, this is the hottest trend to take advantage of.

Influencer marketing
Before we ask you to try influencer marketing, let’s take a look at the following statistics:

1) 70% of teenagers who watch YouTube prefer the opinions of influencers over those of celebrities

2) 86% of female shoppers look at products and services first

3) 32% of American influencers think Facebook is the best platform

4) 71% of buyers are more likely to make their sales through social media

Focus on building relationships with influencers who are willing to put more effort into building your brand, who have clear goals and are good at meeting your needs.