Social networks and human behaviour

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Social networks and human behaviour

Human behaviour in social media
Hey, I understand there are many reasons people are on social media or media etc. I’m not saying that any of them are bad or that people are bad. The purpose of this article is to address my bad and good thoughts and maybe give some people the knowledge they need to improve. Some behaviours are harmful, ridiculous, and may unknowingly depend on the attention of others.

So let’s look at some of the reasons people use social media:

Connecting with Friends and Family: A Good Thing, Right?

Business – Positive connection

Meeting New People – Another good thing. Especially people from small towns.

Dating – Well I guess that’s fine. Unless you’ve already tried. (be sarcastic)

Ok, that all sounds good, doesn’t it? Of course there are many other reasons, but I’ve just given a few examples. Now let’s dig a little deeper.

There is no time to call
For children and young adults (I know some people need this too because they are sarcastic) there should be specific times when the family can talk without being distracted by phones, computers, video games, etc. How it works and disciplining children is certainly difficult. What if kids respect you by talking to them and not replying to text messages etc.? until you’re done talking? Should they always limit themselves to only using the phone at certain times? Of course, that’s just my opinion, but I think that’s how children are raised, disciplined, and in many cases treated in the same way. If you ignore them and call them, doesn’t he teach them to do the same? After all, we all know that gaming is a big deal, whether it’s a computer or a console, and that time can get out of hand. One issue I’ve noticed over the years that you might want to address is consistency. If you let your kids play all day because you want them out of your hair or out of the way as you like, and then yell at them to go out another day because they’ve been out too long, that’s it definitely a mixed message to any kid. .Hey, that’s just my opinion.

Be positive about social media
Choose a topic, any topic, you can go online and find good or bad sites. Someone or a company will always find a way to capitalize on good or bad, so they choose to encourage that. If it’s bad, they encourage it, well, it’s the same thing. Also, some people only think negatively, so whatever they say or have any opinion they have is negative in one form or another. We can choose to see the bright side of things. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the positive aspects of social media:
children are learning more than ever and earlier than ever before. Different languages, problem solving, coordination and creativity. Social media gives children an advantage when it comes to finding and connecting with other children with whom they can relate. Maybe that’s something they don’t have where they currently live. Listen, I understand a lot of bullying, shaming, etc. It will happen, it always will, but we need to teach our children to be strong and keep our heads up, and as adults and parents to take action when things get physical (bullying).

social media and adults
Now this is getting ridiculous, honestly I think the younger generations are much better at using all kinds of social media than young adults or adults.

The same is true for adults, with many positive aspects. Connecting with friends old and new, viewing photos, buying and selling, social media groups, hobbies—the list goes on and on, even with businesses.

might sound like a rant about the next episode, but honestly it (hopefully) makes you aware of some of their ridiculous deeds.