Some cool sliders with React references

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Some cool sliders with React references

4. Embla carousel
Embla Carousel is an open source carousel library that can also be used to create testimonial sliders. This library has excellent documentation and is very intuitive and easy to use.

Available features include:

auto play
arrows and dots
Built-in support for drag gestures.
I highly recommend checking out this library as it has great documentation overall and is intuitive to add to projects.

5. Reaction start carousel The
React Bootstrap library includes a handy carousel component that you can use to create a testimonial slider.

For example, you can add three testimonial cards to a slide and then navigate through the slides in the carousel to view each recommendation. You can even add an autoplay feature to the carousel so that it automatically changes from one slide to the next.

Overall, this is a great carousel element and useful if you want to add a reference slider to your project.

6. Unique range
If you want to randomly place references in different ways, I recommend taking a look at the React Marquee Slider library, which does just that!

Below is an example with reference blocks placed randomly each time the page refreshes. I have to admit it looks great and I really like the animated effect. This would be a great way to add a nice animated touch to your landing pages etc.

I hope you’ve discovered some awesome React testimonial sliders!
Thank you for reading this guide. We’ve looked at many different libraries and components that you can use to quickly add a reference slider to your project. Most of the libraries listed use a carousel mechanism to display each slide, while others have an animated selection effect.

Do you have any other sliders or components you would like to recommend? Be sure to let me know in the comments because I’d love to try some new libraries for building React carousels!

Thanks again for reading and good luck with adding a React slider to your website!

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