Steps before website traffic

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Steps before website traffic

You’ve probably already decided on your website’s theme, chosen your keywords, and prepared your website. You think you’re going to submit your website to search engines, sit back and see how much traffic the search engines will send you, right?

STOP! There are many different ways to increase traffic to your website, but you should only use them after making them a priority for search engines. Search engines should be your foundation. They always send you a certain amount of traffic when your page ranking is high.


Your website needs to be “set up” for high search engine rankings and it is important to do this “before” you list your website for the first time. Here because:

When you first submit your website to search engines, your website will usually be “flipped” fairly quickly and hopefully ranked on one of the first pages.

Your site may not be “polluted” again for several months. So if you make changes to optimize your website, the changes may take some time to take effect. You may find yourself stuck on the last page or even no page for a long time.

Without going into the mechanics of web design, here are the basics of setting up your website to be optimized for search engines.

THE FIRST STEP is to determine the main keyword for your website. This is the word or phrase you want people to type into search engines to find your website. It is important that your website focuses on your main keyword. Let’s say you have a “build your own house” website, so let’s use “build a house” as an example of a main keyword.