Steps to convert social media followers into customers

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Steps to convert social media followers into customers

Gone are the days when social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ were only used for posting photos and keeping up to date with the whereabouts of friends and loved ones.

Currently, these platforms can also be used for commercial purposes. Yes, you read that right, even for professional purposes. These platforms have become the best channels to increase awareness of your brand, company, products and services.

According to a report from, 77.6% of small businesses use social media to promote their services, products and business. In fact, many brands like Wayfair, Wholesome Culture, Casper, and ASOS also use social media platforms to grow their brand on a daily basis. These brands convert their social media followers into customers.

You might be thinking: What, right?

If you are a startup or entrepreneur who wants to know how to convert your social media followers into potential customers, here are 8 simple steps to follow to convert your followers into paying customers:

1. Know your followers
The first step is to know your subscribers. It’s important to understand your subscribers better so you can easily convert them into customers. Since your followers’ profile gives you the detailed information you need, follow the profile and discover demographic data such as age and gender, psychographics, behaviours such as likes, dislikes and likes. By observing and understanding your subscribers, you create a list of those subscribers that you can convert into customers.

2. Publish valuable content
The next step is to publish valuable content that enriches the lives of your followers. Don’t post for the sake of posting. Since you already know your subscribers, focus on your unique selling point. Post something that excites your followers and makes you stand out. Make sure you post something in your followers’ language so that they can easily understand it.