Steps to Start a Killer Link Trading Campaign

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Steps to Start a Killer Link Trading Campaign

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to increase Internet traffic is to exchange links with other related websites. This not only helps in getting targeted traffic but also helps with search engine optimization.

Well, there is a right way and a wrong way to exchange links. If you want to get the most out of your link building, remember to follow these 5 steps:1. Create a spreadsheet file (in Excel) and create the following columns:

site URLsE-mail
contact name
Website PR (We’ll talk about how to fix this in a moment)

Contact 1Reply to contact 1

Contact 2
reply to contact 2Contact 3
reply to contact 3

2. Search for public relations on the website. Go to Google and download the free toolbar. This toolbar includes a feature that shows you the PR of every website you visit. If you are thinking about optimizing your website for search engines, this tool is a MUST.

3. Selecting the websites to link to. Go to any search engine and start typing the keywords you want to rank high for. Visit each site and add it to your Excel file. Once you reach 50 sites, take the time to contact them. We recommend that you contact each website personally and not use automated software (it is very easy to detect when someone is using the software).

There are many programs that allow massive exchange of links via email, but we strongly advise against using them (at least initially).Always include some details that you liked about the website. This is evidence that you actually visited the site and made an informed decision to link to it.
Briefly introduce your website and send a URL link to your website. Finally, ask for a link to your website.
: Give them detailed instructions on how to link to you, what keywords to use, and what URL to link to. It’s always helpful to give them the exact HTML code they need.

5. Respond to the answers.

If your offer is accepted: Thank you and add it to a separate Excel file. This creates a list of people you are in regular contact with (for article submissions, free viral reports, etc.).). Record your response in the “Reply to Contact 1” section. This will NOT allow you to send another email.

If the person declines your offer: Add this note to your Excel file to avoid contacting them again. A good technique is to highlight the entire line with a red highlighter to avoid mistakes.