Stop engaging in get-rich schemes

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Stop engaging in get-rich schemes

Whether it’s reselling on eBay, Google Adwords, affiliate programs, CD reselling, e-book rewriting, or anything else, you’ve probably seen it or bought it. I guess I’m completely naive because I’ve fallen in love with almost everyone. This month I finally sat down and decided to take a realistic look at all the nonsense that promises to make you rich.

If there is even a small chance that you can make some money, someone will write an e-book and claim that you can make it at home in your pants.

I found that every program I purchased started at $9.The 95 e-books included in the $350 workbook were made primarily from recycled filler materials. There is literally nothing you can learn from 99% of e-books on the internet that you don’t already know or can’t learn for free.

There is an e-book on the Internet that is selling quite well, written by a man who claims to make millions on the Internet every year. For $97 I’ll show you exactly how to do it. No BS. Interested? Me too. I bought. Another huge waste of money. Well, at least you can take advantage of my mistake and learn what I learned from this fake “millionaire.” Here’s a direct excerpt from his e-book on how to make big money selling your information product: “Pay attention to the top 10 best-selling products… These things sell.” So don’t reinvent the wheel. Create a similar website so it looks better, sounds better and costs less. Now listen to this part: “I always create a killer website that sells. There are many ways to give people hope through many different products, but I find that it is most effective with information products because one way or another you can avoid basically promising the world and not keeping those promises . Basically you tell people what they want to hear.”

Here is someone who sells e-books and other digital products on the Internet and admits to making promises to the world and then not keeping them, which is a common practice. Oh, did I mention he also wants you to resell his useless e-book as an affiliate?

Is there no hope of making a decent profit on the Internet? That’s what I thought, especially after reading so much overpriced nonsense. But I found something that really gave me hope. He was different.