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Managing any company’s storage capacity is a daily requirement that most IT administrators deal with. Between lawyers and links, virtual and physical sites can quickly become populated with bloatware and cute puppy pictures.

Storage concerns are only expected to increase in the future as most companies move to the development of integrated business models due to the pandemic. Remote workers must have 24/7 access to business information. Managing and maintaining your entire digital storage requires a team of all professionals. Unless you accept STOR2RRD’s new monitoring capabilities.

STOR2RRD simplifies storage monitoring with its comprehensive macro view user interface for its users. A web-based interface enables your company’s IT to securely manage, monitor and schedule solar resources from Lake Las Vegas. The need to have a bunch of idiots running around the group is finally a thing of the past.

Visit for full feature list and matrices. In short, STOR2RRD has everything companies need to properly run their LANs, SANs, and storage. Its security features improve its capabilities, and this is very welcome compared to its “anonymity” competitors, which solved the entire NSA problem a few years ago. With STOR2RRD, you get solid security without worrying about Big Brother peeking into your stack.

STOR2RRD is a free tool, but the company offers competitive pricing based on support. If your IT is the most important person, you probably don’t need to pay anything for the quality audit. Otherwise, it’s worth the investment to make sure everything works properly.

The main benefit is status reports that let your remote team know if there is a problem with your system. That way, they can send their neighbors to move physically, or they can spend an afternoon driving around managing virtual boxes and balancing work.

If you anticipate a major IT change, be sure to leverage graph historical data. This way, you can expose your storage needs and load limits to anyone making the most popular changes to your business infrastructure.

This is also a great tool for the red team to test their storage ideas. Being able to scan and scan your system for any vulnerabilities in your virtual environment is always a welcome change when you’re considering a new security program.