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Be sure to check your website

I recently created a website review for an amazing and successful company. He had followed many rules to generate more traffic, but somehow he had missed the mark. I suspect the majority of visitors find the site compelling, interesting and memorable. The site did absolutely nothing to highlight a popular company. I noticed the problem right away, but it took me a while to figure out what was causing it.

The question itself was very simple. Each page was good on its own, but the site as a whole was inconsistent. Some articles consisted of long paragraphs, while others were written in bullet points. Sentences varied greatly in length and complexity. Key personnel have been appointed for some departments while others have not. Believe it or not, even the main language of the program was different, including the name of the company!

The source of the problem was somewhere in the general interface of the site. The obvious conclusion is that the person responsible is not competent enough as a writer. But that wasn’t enough. Why didn’t CEOs address this issue?
The company’s publications were excellent, with attention to detail and uniformity in a variety of formats, from annual reports to newsletters, marketing materials and brochures. Each department’s copy passed through the hands of a small writing team who refined and refined the language and transformed it into the partner company’s style. Moreover, the manager constantly highlights and coordinates the outputs of different departments according to
management measures.