Tap Into Buyer Emotions

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Tap Into Buyer Emotions

While simple packaging is important, your branding design still needs a “wow” effect. Your show sits on the shelf alongside countless others, vying for customers’ attention. So what sets yours apart?

The design of your packaging is crucial. There’s a balance to be struck between design that’s too “busy” and design that’s too boring.

The use of special forms can help you with this. Nodules are popular in branded packaging. It’s edgy and sharp shapes that catch people’s attention and also create a sense of urgency.

colors is another great way to make your product stand out! Base your color choice on a few key factors: The mindset of the customer (age, gender, demographics)
Your message and ultimate goal Your call to action (What do you want your customers to do? Customer Emotions (How do you want consumers to feel?)
Here is a brief description of the feelings associated with certain colors:

White – Innocence, Equality and Purity
Black – Power and Authority
Red – Inspirational and Exciting
Green – Balance and Harmony
Orange – Fun and Adventure

Blue is a ‘safe’ color that appeals to both women and men. Always keep your target audience and purpose in mind when packaging your products.

Tap into buyer emotions 80% of the decisions we make in life are based solely on emotions. Because of this, your branded packaging should create an emotional connection with shoppers.

One of the best ways to do this is with eye contact. When you make eye contact with someone, it usually means something. You pause for a moment to search for meaning and better understand what the relationship is like.

Your product packaging should work the same way. Make shoppers stop and look again. This is where you win their hearts and attention and make a sale.

Incorporate specific colors into your product design to evoke specific emotions. People love animals and cute babies, but they are also drawn to strong, bold designs. The purpose of your product determines which emotions you focus on.