The best provider of identification and security systems

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The best provider of identification and security systems

system authorization is the process of authenticating a specific individual to gain access to a facility. Physical access control system identification can be done in different ways such as RFID, biometric etc. CARDLINEUAE.COM is the best physical security system and identification solution provider in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Africa.

access control system allows you to authorize or deny a specific person access to the premises. The access control system can also be role-based so that users belong to a specific role, item department of major suppliers of identification and security systems, signage, etc. can access the facility, which can be customized by the administrator via the access control system software. An effective access control system offers many benefits such as: B. the ability to reduce operating costs, improve security in the facility, the ability to generate advanced reports and send them to various programs, such as. B. time management, transfer etc.

Identification is an important part of an access control system. Identification is the process of identifying a specific individual using credentials provided by the user. Various techniques can be used in the identification process to identify a person, such as RFID, biometrics, PIN code, etc. In the RFID system, the user receives a proximity card that he can print out with an ID card printer. In addition to printing, an ID card printer can have an encoder, laminator, etc. An identification system based on RFID technology has many advantages and disadvantages.

The main disadvantage of the RFID system is that the card can be lost or stolen and unauthorized persons can gain access to the operation. To get around this problem, access can be granted by card and PIN, which is used by many organizations such as government and parastatal companies.

. In the identification process, biometrics can be used as another technique to allow an individual to access an object. Biometric systems that use a person’s physical characteristics that are unique to each person, such as B. Fingerprint, geographic location of the palm, facial recognition, iris, etc. The main advantage of a biometric personal identification system is that it cannot be duplicated or replicated. .

Fingerprint identification is the most commonly used identification technique in access control systems. Fingerprint systems are widely used in attendance systems, driver’s licenses, ID cards, etc. With fingerprint recognition, the person’s fingerprint is compared with the image previously stored in the system. The fingerprint can be stored as a string or as a byte in the database.

In the face recognition system, the human face image is compared with the previously registered digital image. There are devices of various well-known brands that support touch, face and RFID systems.

In access control systems other than individual identification, it can also refer to other devices such as vehicles, etc. The license plate number is scanned in the vehicle’s access control system and it is verified that the vehicle is the author of the entrance to the parking lot. With a vehicle identification method other than ANPR, separate UHF cards can be issued for each vehicle. UHF cards are long range reader cards and the range can vary from one to ten meters or even more.

Device identification can also be done through asset management software commonly used in warehouses.