The best React testimonial sliders

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The best React testimonial sliders
Welcome! In this guide, we’ll go over the many useful React sliders you can add to your projects. These elements are also animated, so as the carousel scrolls through the various references, each section moves from one side of the screen to the other.

We will look at many useful libraries and ready-to-use components. Using an out-of-the-box solution can reduce your overall development time. So I highly recommend checking out some example components below.

As a web developer, I used many of these libraries in my projects and compared each solution during the development of my projects. I wrote this article to help you find a great library to add a testimonial slider to your website.

1. dummy element
React Fast Marquee is a library for creating animated marquees that display content moving from one side of the screen to the other. This library is fast and intuitive to use, and generally has excellent documentation.

I love the animation effect it creates because it can add a nice animated touch to web pages. You can add reference blocks to the marker, which will then move from one side of the screen to the other, creating an attractive animation. The official website also has a demo with example reference blocks and I’ve included a screenshot below. However, if you want to see the animation in action, be sure to check out the demo on the library’s website.

2. Reaction grid carousel
React Grid Carousel is a useful library for creating carousels and sliders. Many demos are also available on the official website. A demo shows a reference cursor containing six blocks, three blocks for each slide. There is an arrow icon that you can use to navigate through the slides. You can create variations by adjusting the number of blocks per slide. To try this demo, find it in the Real Use Case Links section.

I’d definitely recommend looking into this if you’re looking to create a testimonial carousel for your site because overall it’s a great library.

3. Animated reaction cursor
The next library I recommend is React Animated Slider, which is a quick and easy way to add a testimonial slider to your website.

To get started, simply install the library via npm and then import the required components. You can then add testimonials tags to your slides and the testimonials will appear in the slider.

I also recommend taking a look at the demos available on the official website of this library. There are many useful examples, including a vertical slider with an auto play -enabled slider that automatically advances from slide to slide.