The essentials of building a rail network

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The essentials of building a rail network

The network is set up by volunteers to create starting points. They offer completely anonymous channels for accessing websites. Domain. onion resources are internal Tora sites, essentially hidden web servers. This is anonymity on two levels: on the one hand, it is not possible to track the owner of the website, and on the other hand, neither he (the owner) nor any other person can track the visitor. Those through which traffic flows are relays;

Accordingly, access to the “big” Internet, i.e. H. access to blocked sites, e.g. B. Pirate torrent trackers etc. – exit node;

In countries where the route is banned, they are called bridges.


Anonymity has no meaning and is considered absolute. The observation opportunities are limited. Even if you act rashly, your chances of being “exposed” increase: for example, enter your password. This is pretty much the stupidest thing you can do on the dark web.

The list of open salary increases is worrying. What is the risk? Worldwide, this means that “Tor” is completely or partially blocked on many “light” websites. For example, on Wikipedia it is not possible to edit articles about it.