The extraterrestrial visit to Earth has finally begun

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The extraterrestrial visit to Earth has finally begun

Despite this, Elon Musk never surprises people with his cosmic discoveries. In September 2021, he posted a photo of the Falcon 9 landing, but the photo showed a strange formation of spacecraft at a certain part, confirming a long-suspected extraterrestrial civilization, and it’s true. These creatures are way smarter than humans! Another eerie incident occurred when a SpaceX satellite landed in Earth orbit and suddenly a large white disk changing course flew in front of the camera. Many scientists believe this is sufficient evidence that life exists in space. According to these brilliant minds, only living things can accelerate into orbit at this rate. We should have no doubt that we have company and they will soon come to light.

After Elon Musk’s numerous claims of extraterrestrial life, at around 5:30 p.m. on December 22, 2021, California was greeted with a magnificent spectacle in the sky. The sky had a kind of whale track with two small lights facing each other. As a result of this wonderful UFO sighting, three vehicles were involved in accidents and many more stopped along the freeways to watch the action. Many people have captured it and posted it on their social media platforms. During the mixed reaction during the Alien hashtag reveal, people asked for a detailed preview of the worst, then Elon Musk lightly joked with us by tweeting “Nuclear Alien UFO from North Korea” and uploading a video of an amazing streak in the sky , who left crowds stunned. The whale-shaped smoke turned out to be a trail left by the Falcon 9 launch from SpaceX’s launch complex at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in 1. The Los Angeles Fire Department later reassured witnesses, saying the mysterious light in the sky was believed to be the result of a missile launched from an air force base to send a satellite into space. However, this incident is not easily erased from people’s memories. Some have predicted that alien invasions could take a similar turn when these strange creatures eventually colonize Earth.

NASA’s plan for extraterrestrials In
, NASA finally decided to launch a search to confirm the presence of extraterrestrial life. The aim of the search was to establish certain conditions under which an element can be regarded as a living being in the cosmos. In addition, the USA Space Company decided to hire priests and lay people to measure the impact an alien could have on human civilization. The results of these studies have not yet been published because the search for an alien can be a long and difficult process that can take years or even decades to find a definitive answer.

Elon Musk’s mission to Mars could also speed up alien search and discovery. As humans contemplate leaving Earth and heading to Mars, chances are they will be more exposed than ever to the mysteries of the cosmos. Maybe they can capture their encounter with extraterrestrial life and tell colourful stories.

First, let’s see what August has in store: aliens and all.. What do you think of Elon Musk’s warnings of an alien invasion in 2023? Let me know what you think in the comments section below and don’t forget to share it with someone in the story. However, if you want to read more interesting content, check out my other stories and follow me here for more updates.