The Health Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

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The Health Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

If there’s one food that people can enjoy, it’s frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt (affectionately called froyo) is beyond delicious. It’s an easy to make dessert that comes in a variety of flavors.

Some people love it for its taste, but there are even more people who love it for its health benefits. There’s no denying that froyo beats ice cream when you’re looking for a healthy dessert. But have you ever wondered why?

After reading this article, you will discover the various health benefits it has to offer.

Calcium Tired of drinking milk for calcium? Treat yourself to frozen yogurt! Froyo has an average of 178 milligrams of calcium per half-cup serving, definitely a great source of calcium.

Calcium is known for its beneficial effects on bones and teeth, but it doesn’t just strengthen them. Calcium intake may help reduce excessive cell growth in the colon, which in turn may help prevent cancer. A calcium-rich diet can also help with weight loss and obesity prevention.

Low Calorie
When you’re counting calories, it can feel like every day is a struggle to eat within your limits.

When you have a sweet tooth, you only have a limited number of options.Luckily for those with a sweet tooth, frozen yogurt is here to save the day.

Frozen yogurt itself is very low in calories, even when flavored. If you pay attention to toppings and portion sizes, you can enjoy a delicious low-calorie dessert when you choose frozen yogurt.

Improving Digestive Health
Are you allergic to dairy products? Do you miss the semifreddos?

Frozen Yogurt might be the dessert you’ve been looking for.

Frozen Yogurt is rich in probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for the human body, and froyo is rich in two beneficial organisms, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilous.

These two probiotics may help break down lactose and settle the stomach of those with milk sensitivities. Helpful bacteria can also help balance the amount of microflora in your gut.

If you’re looking for a frozen yogurt with the seal of living and active enzymes, you’ve got an excellent dessert for digestive health.