The idea behind CSS

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The idea behind CSS

What is the idea behind CSS?

The idea behind CSS (also called style sheets) is quite simple. CSS allows you to create a single piece of code, similar to an HTML file, that allows you to specify colors, fonts, layouts, and more for a web page. The CSS file is then linked from the web page you want in the style you’re viewing.

CSS allows you to edit entire web pages that link to a CSS file at once by editing the style in the style sheet, rather than manually editing every style in each HTML file.

If CSS did this alone it would be time consuming to say the least, especially if you have a large or multi-site site. This alone is worth learning CSS, but style sheets will help you do this and much more.

CSS also helps you with:
locations and designs right where you want them Add
rotation effects
controls letters, lines, margins and spacing between web pages
centimeters, pixels, dots, etc. He talks about units like
to hide the content of certain websites in certain situations. An example of this is if you have certain elements that you want to display only on your page but not in print.