The most common types of websites

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The most common types of websites
There are over 1.7 million websites in the world and the number is growing every day. Whether you’re considering participating in this edition or wondering what types of sites to check out, you might be interested to know that most sites fall into a few popular categories. Here are some of the most common website types with examples.

E-Commerce Sites These popular sites allow you to sell products online. Examples of such websites are large stores like Amazon or Best Buy, as well as companies like Etsy that sell handmade products. Sites that offer the ability to add products to a shopping cart and check their quality, such as E-commerce sites.

Company website. These types of websites act as dedicated web addresses for a specific company or brand. A company website lists the company’s products, services, or past work. It also includes contact information to encourage potential customers to contact you.

.Personal or portfolio sites These are the cousins ​​of corporate sites as they present a person’s contact information, products, services and work. However, they often focus on previous work and literally act as a portfolio to highlight what the person can achieve…

Entertainment Sites These popular website options are perfect for anyone looking for fun or interesting content. For example, sites like Buzzfeed offer pop culture listings and reviews, and sites like CollegeHumor offer fun entertainment. Multimedia sites