The most profitable web application

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most profitable web application

Have you ever wondered which web application is the most profitable?

web hosting?
Do you sell books or CDs?
merchant account providers?

You may be surprised to learn that this is not the case, although all can be profitable in their own right (particularly industry leaders like Amazon and PayPal).

Why did I choose the examples above?

Because they are considered great for online marketing and the fact that so many of them offer the same products/services means they must be profitable, right? Incorrect!

The problem with the examples above, and for sellers in general, is that it is simply too competitive for the vast majority to succeed online without viable offline sales channels.

Without a doubt, the most profitable online applications are those that offer foreign exchange services. This is the most important ingredient for any online success. The reason is simple: they satisfy buyers and sellers with countless wants and needs. From an economic perspective, they correspond to supply and demand.

Let’s look at some examples.

Perhaps the most obvious success story is eBay, an online auction site that matches buyers and sellers for an unlimited selection of products.
Other good examples are search engines such as Google and Yahoo, which match the demand for information with the supply.

Another success is MSN’s instant messaging, which meets the needs of communication between friends (although they face strong resistance from cell phones in the offline world).

I don’t want to go into detail about the extremely successful combination of pornographic sites and the demand for sexual fantasies.

The high demand for these exchange services means, in addition to the actual costs of using the service itself, enormous visibility and advertising revenue.

Many bright minds have recognized the enormous profit potential of online trading services.
Online dating, gambling, school assemblies, brokerages (stocks and real estate), affiliate networks, and even customer acquisition stock exchange sites all use stock market apps.

The trick is to find a niche exchange service that doesn’t already have 10,000,000 search results. If you can be among the first to develop and market a new exchange service, be careful: your profits will soon increase!