The power of knowing your customer

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The power of knowing your customer

We often think that the scope of our customers’ business does not extend beyond what they do with us.

In reality it goes much further. People love to talk about themselves, and if you take the time to talk to customers about non-business topics, you’ll find that they enjoy talking to you most of the time.

If you know your customers, you can learn a lot of valuable information from them. For example, where they live, whether they have a family, what hobbies they have, whether they have pets, etc.

By finding this type of information, you can determine their needs and then talk to them about products that you think will perfectly fit their needs.

Another benefit of getting to know your customers better is that with each conversation you strengthen the relationships you already have with them.

When I talk about getting to know a client, I don’t mean inviting them to Thanksgiving dinner.

Just take the time to learn their names and needs.

For example, if you have a new customer named Mike and building warehouses is his hobby. Next time you see him, you can call him by name and ask him how the trains work.
Firstly, he will be happy if you remember his name, and secondly, he will be happy to tell you everything because building oars is his hobby.

These types of techniques open the door to more sales. The better someone knows you, the more they will trust you and the more likely they are to do business with you.

People prefer doing business with people they know and trust, which gives them a level of comfort. So know your customers and work to earn their trust. They don’t just do business with you. They will also most likely recommend you to their friends and family. Good luck.