The price for “AdSense Secrets”

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Is it value for money?

“AdSense Secrets” costs $69.97 and is available for immediate download. This price includes the following costs:

eBook, ‘101 Quick Tips to Increase Your AdSense Earnings in 30 Days’
FREE AdSense earning sites and central email support whenever you need help or have a question about AdSense!
“Quick Success Quotes” – Monthly e-letter
Bonus (unknown value)

The value of money is a personal question because of so many variables that I cannot answer it for you. All I can say is I have $69. 97 is a high price (especially considering the Australian exchange rate will hit me very soon). But if you can take advantage of the bonus, especially the two free AdSense review bonus, you may get your money’s worth. One person’s free criticism and support can be valuable. ..if you use it of course.

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