The role of government in electronic commerce

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The role of government in electronic commerce

As a private activist, I don’t like prescribing government-dependent solutions. However, e-commerce requires suppliers to be credible. Aside from technology, fraud is the biggest barrier to e-commerce for African businesses. Governments should play an important role here. Lawmakers should strengthen existing laws to eliminate corruption in their countries. People who take advantage of prepayment scams should be fired. It is possible! Anything that works with technology can be stopped with technology. It’s just a digital war between developers (it’s like a virus vs antivirus battle between developers). Furthermore, the world wants trials, prosecutions and convictions to give the impression that African countries are taking their fight against corruption seriously.

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Must exist as a single package for this to work. The customer doesn’t want to worry about the backend technology and how it works. You want a home screen that is easy to use and saves time. For now, cross-continental partnerships will play an important role in helping African businesses cross the threshold to e-commerce, as African businesses continue to need international partnerships to help them fulfill their orders. PeopleLink ( proposes such a partnership. They have developed free, downloadable tools that help small businesses create virtual product catalogs, which they then upload to a searchable catalog in their database, giving small businesses the opportunity to leverage their collective marketing power.

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Technology should also consider taking advantage of its comprehensive technical support centers. In Ghana, for example, Busy Internet ( is a comprehensive IT center that includes an Internet café, telephone booths, video conferencing services, document services, web hosting, space rental and other technical support for e-commerce.

Will exploring e-commerce help African small businesses increase their global market share? For this to happen, concerted efforts must be made. The World Bank has developed a set of free tools called SME Toolkit to help small businesses realize this potential. They can be viewed at