The world of online games!

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The world of online games!

live online games!
I love online games! There is nothing more exciting than connecting to the internet and traveling to another world. One feels lost, more American in this new world. For me it’s even more tempting not only to immerse yourself in another world, but also to let other players play with and against you online in real time! For me there is nothing more exciting than an online duel with other people live! WOW…It was just great to design. Playing against other players and talking to them in real time while everyone is in the middle of the game changed the game for me.

player vs player games
Playing against other players is called PVP or Player vs. Player. One of my first encounters with a PVP game was a game called World of Warcraft. Well, this game is really a player vs player game. It should not only be played against other players, but also with other players. By purchasing the game, befriending other players, and then forming a team, we travelled the world to acquire items that increased our strength against other teams doing the same. When playing on a computer with a high-end system, high-end processor and graphics card. Plenty of RAM or headroom and a high-resolution monitor. It has become a completely new ball game. It was really a breakthrough for me.

I didn’t know then that a game could feel so real, so real. I just felt lost in this world. It was fantastic!

Who has time for that?
Asking the question “Who has time for this?” suggests that you are wasting your time playing video games. Everyone can find something to do in their free time, whether it’s reading, journaling, working on a personal project, cleaning the house, or playing video games.

For me, playing video games is a way to relax. I know some would disagree with me on this point and say that playing video games is empowering. When I play video games I have the option to disappear or become an American in this alternate world where I can become someone else for a short time. I can leave the worries of the world behind and start a new adventure. This in turn allows me to “escape” from reality, the things that bother me and take up space in my head go away, if only for a while.

Well….games online is the name of this game especially if you are new to online games and online games with others participating live on internet. I encourage you to try the highest quality PvP games. It’s one thing to play on the computer, but quite another to join a live game online with other people.

You can form teams, speak via headset/microphone. Create a sense of community on which to build relationships. In the end you all have online PvP as a common mindset. I encourage you: if you haven’t tried playing online with other people, try it! Thanks to this community I have a very good relationship. I know someone who first met his wife when they were playing games together. Living in different states, they started a private chat in addition to the regular game chat, which grew from there. You never know what you will see when you enter this world of online pvp games.