Things to avoid when it comes to color

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Things to avoid when it comes to color:

Avoid purple or yellow interior colours. Background colors make text difficult to read.

Avoid using images behind your text.

Avoid using bright text colors on thin lines.


A simple sentence causes a spelling problem:

Simple fonts are fine; The writing style is nice but difficult to read.

Use standard fonts because most browsers only have standard fonts. There are actually no “defaults”, but there are certain fonts installed in most browsers. Includes Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, and Times New Roman. If you use different fonts, your readers will see something different than what you see.

is a standard browser that meets development requirements

Use a standard browser such as FireFox when developing and testing your website. If you optimize your website for quality, it will work in most browsers, including MS Internet Explorer (IE). It is recommended to test your website with the latest and newest versions of IE browser (IE6 and IE7). To run multiple IE versions on the same machine, has a free installer that installs multiple IE versions. It works great!

Keywords in Content

Obviously, when writing content, it should not only be edited for readability, but also for use not only by humans but also by search engines. One way to make your content articles popular with search engines is to use keywords that people use to search for your website’s content. Be sure to use keywords in your title, first paragraph, and throughout your text. A great keyword should be between 4% and 7%; but anything more than that would 1) be difficult to read but also difficult to understand, and 2) would be considered spam and banned by search engines. Keywords should also be used in TITLE tags and meta descriptions.