This is how you work correctly with frequency division

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This is how you work correctly with frequency division

Shared working frequency
Proper handling of frequency division is not a difficult task. Minimum knowledge of how to configure a specific radio and willingness to implement it is required.

worksharing is often used by dispatch, DX stations, or other stations overloaded with callers. It has two sides; the workplace or the telephone station and the emergency call staff or callers.

What is frequency sharing operation?
Split frequency operation occurs when a calling station transmits on one frequency and receives on another frequency. Amateur operators attempting to exploit this call the station’s receive frequency and listen to the station’s transmit frequency.

This has several advantages over the standard operation in which several stations ring. The workstation works autonomously at a certain frequency and can be heard much better. Calling stations do not stop ringing long enough for the workstation to transmit, so this method separates them well.

The calling station can also distribute callers across multiple frequencies, making it easier to select specific stations.