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This site guarantees:

Your data is not stored on this site: All data uploaded to this site will be deleted after conversion. OCR Bear makes it easy to use OCR for all your invoices and printed documents. It is useful for study and study.

Ease of Use: This makes text recognition with OCR as easy as possible. It doesn’t require you to install any software or worry.

Your system support: This tool does not require any special software. This OCR tool works in your browser, so it is compatible with all operating systems.

Secure Conversion This OCR tool does not store data on our servers. After conversion, all uploaded files will be deleted.

Free: More free OCR tools. This OCR tool is completely free.

Response Application: OCR Bear can be used on any type of support (PC, Tablet or Mobile).

All image formats: You can see text in any image format (PNG or JPG, GIF or other)


Developers can also use this site’s API to build their applications. This API is free and public. Developers can use this API to search for OCR files for testing purposes.

Field Applications:

OCR has many applications. Any company that deals with physical data can benefit from it. These are just a few important uses:

Word Processing:

One of the most common uses of OCR is word processing. You can scan printed documents and turn them into editable and easy-to-use files. Artificial intelligence helps ensure that documents are converted as efficiently as possible.

Legal Documents:

Important documents such as credit reports can be printed for easy access. You can view and share information.

You can take a photo of the check you want to present using your mobile phone. AI-powered OCR technology can scan checks to ensure they are valid and verify your deposit.

What if my OCR output is not good?

Your original files or images may have poor contrast, unclear characters, overlap, or other problems. OCR software may recognize text, but it may not be accurate or easy to read. Make sure your original text is not blurred for better and easier identification and correction of OCR. Predictive text and good contrast should be hallmarks of an original work. You can get a better copy with a printer or software. This allows you to create better images.