Tips for Spring Pond Maintenance

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Tips for Spring Pond Maintenance

Maintaining the spring pond can be a tall order, but it really isn’t that bad if you know what you’re doing. Now it’s time to get ready. Whether you need to vacuum sludge from the pond bottom, change water or clean pond pumps, you can do it all while keeping your fish safe and healthy. How? Check out this complete guide to spring pond care.

Winter has probably thrown a lot of dead leaves, broken branches and other debris into the pond. If you leave all of these impurities in the water, they become a food source for algae that can foul the pond. When cleaning the pond, do the following:

Remove leaves and other debris (a herbicide may help) Vacuum the bottom Remove dying plants If there are pots in the pond, scrub they quickly
If you notice the blue-green algae in your pond, you need to carefully remove them immediately and take preventive measures to avoid the growth of blue-green algae in the future.

When should pond care be started?Your pool is ready to be cleaned as soon as the ice melts. If you live somewhere warm and your pond doesn’t freeze over in the winter, you should clean it out when the fish become more active.

It is worth checking pond pumps when cleaning. Pond pumps must be in perfect condition at all times. So make sure nothing is stuck inside that could cause a clog.

If you have a waterfall function, make sure nothing is blocked in the turbine. Remember not to operate the pond pump when the water temperature is below 50°F. So if your pond temperature falls below that in the winter, you need to turn it off.

If the temperature in the pool does not drop below 50?F in the winter, you probably need to keep your pumps running all season. It’s especially important to check your pumps if you’ve used them in the winter.