Tips to protect your Android phone’s privacy

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Tips to protect your Android phone’s privacy

Use data saver mode
Nowadays almost all smartphones have a data backup mode. This has proven useful in preventing excessive data waste. This is done by disabling mobile data when apps are not in use. This will disconnect all apps from the internet when the phone is not in use. This prevents unknown data from being sent from your phone without your knowledge.

Use Bluetooth with caution
You can also use your phone’s Bluetooth function for hacking. So don’t leave it on all the time, especially when you’re traveling. This step can prevent data theft or unwanted access to your phone.

update app
You need to update all apps on your phone. It is also important to update the operating system version (e.g. Android).This protects your phone from unwanted threats. Companies regularly release new features and security measures in their products. To take advantage of this benefit, simply capture it.

Avoid spam and unsafe websites
While surfing the Internet, you may have noticed that your phone’s browser warns you that this website could be dangerous for your phone or that your data could be stolen. It is important to stay away from these sites. The Internet is full of spammers. Their only goal is to trick you into visiting their websites and then installing the data mining tool on your phone. This makes it easier for unknown hackers to access your data. Be careful when accessing websites that pose a threat to your browser.