To get great coverage, you need a great media list

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You need a strong media list to get more information

You’ve written a great ad and it’s ready to go.

But the real question remains: Who sent me?

Before you start sharing, it’s free for everyone, be careful. If you do not want to release the right person to the right media, you lose your right to be released and you will never respect a journalist.

Therefore seek long and hard for your perfect salvation. Who would really want that? Let’s face it: Oprah probably doesn’t care whether you promote your product or not.

Therefore, look for books and media that suit your target group, not where you want to be seen.
Where can you find the
Media list?
Once you know who you want to send your newsletter to, you need to gather all the media information. You can use the following to find the person you are looking for:

1. Look online. Many stores provide services for a fee. But it may not fit your budget. There is also a list of free media on the internet. This is good for a start but often leaves out important information and can never be updated.

2. Use the library. Many libraries have local and national media archives. Take a few hours and write down all the information you need. However, keep in mind that much of the list may be outdated as the database is written.