Top Five Reasons to Refresh Your Website

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Top Five Reasons to Refresh Your Website

Small business owners need to monitor whether their website investment is paying off. Is it easy to purchase your products and services? Otherwise, you’ll be wasting time, money, and probably doing more harm than good.

To determine if it’s time to redraw, ask yourself these five questions:

Has the size of the site grown too much?
As your website continues to grow and evolve as a business website, you need to evaluate whether it still serves your goals. When you add products and services, you’ll need to rearrange your information. You may also consider adding more information (audio, video) to strengthen your message.

Is some of the content outdated or redundant?
Is your website up to date? You will need to check certain pages each week, change promotion dates and add new resources. If your website looks static, it looks like you’re not doing any serious business.

What important things are buried below?
Here you need to check ‘easy to buy’. What I’m saying here is that you should consider how easy it is to find information and buy your products. This may seem normal, but we’ve all shopped online and know it can be frustrating sometimes.
Are you using the latest technology instead of
If you created your website more than 18 months ago, you probably need to update your technology. This also applies if you started with a basic website and have everything ‘coded’. Ask your webmaster if he has any suggestions. You can trust yourself.

Does your homepage design match your business goals?
Does your website reflect the depth and breadth of your existing business? If you’ve changed the direction of your services, added new products, or want to give your visitors a different look, consider redesigning the social media website.