TOP medium sized web development

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TOP medium sized web development

There are over 2 billion pages on the internet but only 17% are still alive and well. Therefore, the main task of the developers is not only to create a website, but to make it beautiful, exciting and user-friendly. If you want to create a website or web application that stands out from the competition, an experienced developer is the key to success.

The most important thing about these design company rankings is to see the best examples and be inspired by their values. It’s much easier and faster to get into the world of design, collect success stories and examples of popular trends, and follow in the footsteps of those who have already succeeded, than to follow your own.That is the essence of reviews.


Office: Lviv, Ukraine; San Francisco, United States.

Specialization: software development, outsourcing, consulting, offshore development.

CyberCraft helps companies from different industries to create excellent software customized to their needs. Founded by enthusiasts with over 30 years of experience, CyberCraft offers the deep technical expertise that distinguishes an IT provider in a busy market.

The company has grown into a trusted outsourcing partner with European roots, working with companies from all over the world. CyberCraft’s customers include small and medium-sized businesses in the real estate, fintech, e-learning and retail industries.


Location: Paris, France.

Specialization: design, creation of websites.

In 2013, web design moved from detailed texture drawings to minimalism and flat trends.Websites have started to resemble each other a bit. In the same year, the independent Studio Bonhomme was founded, whose founders placed harmony and naturalness in design at the center of their work. The studio’s philosophy is realism perfected in its simplicity.

“The success of the project depends on the quality of the joint work,” explain the Bonhomme specialists.


Headquarters: Coimbra Portugal; Porto Portugal.

Specialization: Design, Web Development, Visual Identification.

Burocratik designs its creations with the traditional wow effect with a spectacular presentation wall that works extensively with atmospheric photos and video clips. The projects are designed to make the user feel present and involved in the product. All this to give the feeling of holding the product in your hands.