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Tricentis is a solution that supports more than 150 different technologies to help you plan, build, maintain and run reliable end-to-end tests.

Can support 3 types of tests:

• Agile development tests

• Continuous automated tests

• Load shedding tests

Features of this device include

• Predictive analytics

• Agile test management

• Virtualization service

• Risk based Development

• Reporting

• Test Data Management

• Cloud Deployment

Compatible with all protocol types, not only HTTP(s) JMS , AMQP, Rabbit MQ, TIBCO EMC, SOAP, REST, IBM MQ, NET TCP and many more .


As the name suggests, Bugzilla helps you find bugs in your applications. In addition, Bugzilla includes many useful tools, including:

• Optimized database structure to improve performance and scalability.

• High security to protect confidential information

• Advanced search tool that tracks your searches

• Integrated email capabilities

• Comprehensive user profiles with editable user profiles and email settings

• System full

• System has been attacked by Mozilla bug trackers exposed as a bug tracker

Here are some of the benefits:

• Increases product quality

• Increases customer satisfaction

• Ensures accountability

• Increases productivity

• Bugzilla is suitable for many scenarios

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a continuous testing cloud that ensures mobile applications work flawlessly on any device operating system, operating system and even as a browser.
Key features include:
• Automated web testing
• Mobile app testing
• Continuous testing experts
• Broad coverage
• Enterprise security and scalability
Sauce Labs offers 4 different subscription plans. You can explore all available features and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

LoadUI Pro

LoadUI Pro by Smartbear is a fantastic tool for creating load tests. You can also get comprehensive performance reports. This is how it works:

Quickly create API load tests 1007 1007 • Check the performance and scalability of the latest API changes in minutes 1000 1007 • Preview API performance before releasing to production environments 1000 1007 • Performance insights for changes are on the left so developers can build more reliable code write 1000
Learn from real-time load tests for APIs

• You can send multiple traffic payloads to the API at the same time
• Log traffic from mobile devices and then read it in bulk
• View load test results for your server and network resources
Simulate cloud or local traffic
• Generate loads with Windows and Linux nodes

• You can send a combination remotely or locally

View server load effects

• Linux operating systems and Windows performance libraries

• Web service : IIS , Apache, Tomcat, WebLogic

• Database: MySQL performance

Full API load test

• Time savings by reusing functional test APIs for load tests

• Use of live data during load tests test API to get more realistic Provide result simulations

• Virtualization of APIs outside the system that do not allow or support well-load tests.

• For bypassing third party rate restrictions and charging overage charges during a stress test

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