Twitter marketing mistakes made by social media marketers

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Twitter marketing mistakes made by social media marketers

With over 320 million active users, there is no doubt that Twitter is a great marketing tool. It offers numerous opportunities to get in touch with the target group. Whether you’re promoting a startup or an established business, it plays a key role in your marketing landscape. However, you need to know Twitter marketing etiquette or you risk offending customers and turning away potential customers. Here are the mistakes you should never make on Twitter.

No Twitter Marketing Strategy: The first and most important rule of Twitter marketing is that you must have a strategy. Set goals, work on your analysis and know your strengths and weaknesses. Even if one of your tweets might go viral, you can’t sit back and hope that everyone else does too. You have to have a plan, otherwise you’re considered a miracle. When formulating your strategy, think outside the box. Test long- and short-term campaigns, track continuous improvement metrics, and learn how to get the most out of your account. Know your target audience and create a specific marketing strategy for Twitter.

Overselling Your Brand: Is It Possible to Oversell Your Brand? Absolutely! Many social media marketers forget that social media is about connecting with people. They focus on getting more followers instead of building relationships with their audience. One of the biggest mistakes you can make on Twitter is focusing only on your brand. In addition to sharing their brand messages and driving traffic to their websites, the most successful marketers also focus on building relationships with their followers and sharing third-party content. For every brand post you share, share 4 engagement posts on social or third-party networks.

Don’t use analytics tools: To be honest, there are a lot of analytics tools on Twitter and it can be difficult to choose the best one. Fortunately, Twitter makes this work easier. The site has its own analytics platform to help you find out how your tweets are engaging with your audience. You can click on tweets to see how they’re performing and learn more about your followers’ interests, demographics, and locations. You can also use analytics tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Ignore Comments: Most marketers don’t use Twitter to respond to customer comments. These days, experience is everything and you need to monitor feedback if you want your fans to become loyal customers. Nurture relationships based on negative and positive feedback. Ignoring customer comments on Twitter is like ignoring emails. However, it is even worse because it takes place on a public platform. Put your fears aside and interact openly and honestly with your followers. If you respond tactfully to negative comments, you will be rewarded.