UI/UX design issues

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UI/UX design issues

Due to the growing number of smart devices, it is becoming increasingly important for product designers and manufacturers to consider learningability in their product design.

For example, in the world of consumer electronics, companies like Samsung are struggling to compete with companies like Apple when it comes to UI/UX design. The iPhone user interface is great because it has become the industry standard. It will be interesting to find out what happens when Samsung (and others) address this with future models. It’s clear that many companies need to work on refining UX/UI design for their current and future products.

The only important usability heuristic is learning. This has a significant effect on how many leads leave your app or stay with it. App retention and abandonment are two of the most important concepts to learn for your app to be successful

UI/UX design issues

These issues are especially important in the context of connected home devices, which are essentially computers with internet connectivity that allow users to control controls heating, lighting and security, home appliances and everything else. Security is one of the main concerns of people when it comes to the landscape of IoT (Internet of Things) devices like smart locks.

If you cannot locate your smartphone or tablet or if someone steals your phone, they will gain access to various security devices you have installed in your home . It’s easy for companies like Samsung or Apple to promise users’ data privacy because their products don’t have to worry about physical security.

Modern consumers expect devices that are easy to use and understand.They don’t want the technology to be so complicated that it’s difficult or burdensome. If companies can develop products based on learning, users are more likely to stick with those products longer because they know how to use them.

With intuitive interfaces that users love and actually use, product designers will be rewarded with happier users who are more likely to approve products, families and their friends over.

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