Unique ways to attract more customers to your website

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Unique ways to attract more customers to your website

There are more than 105 million in the United States. There may be at least 250 million of them worldwide. For them, this is the number of activity of the website according to statistics of the Nielsen / Net Ratings service. 250 million worldwide? This number exceeds the combined population of Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and some non-English speaking countries. That’s too much!

With so many active surfers around, you’d think webmasters and website owners would easily attract them. In fact, they face an uphill battle to attract visitors, especially buyers, to their websites. A website without traffic is like a warehouse built in the middle of the desert. You may have a good and interesting product online, but if no one visits it, it’s worth nothing.

However, there is a way to turn your website into a trading oasis, by driving as much traffic to your website as your server can handle: classified ads.

More on this later. First of all, all web developers and website owners should know the basic and proven methods of driving traffic to their websites. The key to all these methods is to attract the right website. You want what experts call “targeted visitors,” or people who are interested in what you’re selling. To make this happen, you must follow the golden path website guidelines:

Step 1: Edit your page.
Well-known bloggers take the time to adjust their meta tags. A keyword, or code, is a keyword on a web page that tells search engines like Google and Yahoo how well your website ranks. An example of a commodity might be ‘storage bags’, ‘sporting gear’ or whatever you sell. These keywords tell search engines to direct all bag or sports buyers to your website.

Step 2: Submit your website to external search engines.
For this step, just apply to Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. Click on the Customer Service page where web creators and webmasters can manually submit their websites.