Unpackers must work continuously

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Unpackers must work continuously

Unpackers are essential to the organic recycling process as they remove the packaging that will stop the recycling plant. When using organic pulp as substrate for anaerobic digestion, they must not form inert substances that cause downtimes in the digester tank and prevent oil extraction and eventually contaminate the digester.

drum grill is not suitable for separating food waste. The trommel screen is encoded by particle size and is replaced by a screen that allows smaller particles to pass while retaining larger particles. To create a clean organic pulp store to feed the digester, it is not enough to select only the small pulps analyzed.

Another example is the separation of colored glass from clear glass, using transparency as a search tool so that the distinction changes perfectly; however, grinding and chopping will make the product too small to be collected in this way.

Ideal Bale Unpacker

Ideal Bale Unpacker will load the hopper with your wheel loader or forklift, then let the machine recycle the food that is not needed for next use; this could be food animal consumption, composting or recycling. It will operate reliably without human supervision on the feed entering the bale crusher. Therefore, high purity organic pulp suitable for digester feed will be produced.

The percentage of recycled material in the total recycled material is called purity (ie percentage of food in material recycling). The recovery and purity of the open food bag is between 90% and 97%, depending on how much food is left in the container after separation.

Drycake’s vertical vortex separation machine is used in our new generation Twister bagging and separators. One in the US and 7 locations worldwide (2022) to produce non-contaminated food products for AD factories.

As more and more waste product manufacturers adopt better environmental practices and not only dump waste products with other waste, the number of transactions on this site is growing rapidly.