Use a search engine stimulator to rank websites

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Use a search engine stimulator to rank websites

After you have designed your website, you should consider using a search engine optimization program to rank your pages. See:, you can add the tool to your website. The report explains where changes need to be made.

Search Engine Stimulator also helps you determine whether the hyperlinks on your pages are “real”. Experts recommend using tags instead of JavaScript-based menus. Try to limit the number of hyperlinks to less than 100 and make sure they do not lead to 403 Forbidden or 404 Page Not Found pages. Bots cannot handle such errors and your pages will not be indexed. The job of any search engine robot is to crawl the web and index pages from any database. Spider uses algorithms to determine page rankings and the relevance of indexed pages.

Be smart about SEO and choose keywords that search engines will find. Tools like Keyword Playground and Site Keyword Suggestions will be very useful. Avoid dynamic pages, and if you have them, run them through a spider stimulator to see if dynamic pages are accepted. Get meta keywords and meta descriptions. These are the treats the spider likes. They are the basis for page ranking and their importance in the “eyes” of every spider.

When designing your website and its subpages, never forget the “spider”. This will help you create search engine optimized pages.