Use Analytics results to improve your business

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Use Analytics results to improve your business
Check when all answers have been entered. What do the “complete” data tell you? Trim and divide the numbers to learn as much as possible from the answers you get.

If you use a research service that provides these, you can view your data in a variety of ways, from pie charts to graphs.

And equally important: What “quality” information is being provided?

What general thought do you see in the open answers?
How many people were asked to share their thoughts?
What does your “stomach” tell you?

Use results to improve your business
One thing I’ve learned over the years is that in research, people don’t always do what they “say” they will do! Research like this can be misleading.

Path, direction, emotion, interest, etc. according to. However, the results are generally more accurate.

Net net?

Be brave but be careful. (Always test before doing anything big!)

Use report as private comment
Let’s face it, we are curious people. We post our answers to a poll or survey and wonder what EVERYONE has to say.

Write this curiosity! You can do:
as a “thank you” for the answer (this will help you expand on your answer)
writes a unique report and turns it into an easy-money product (especially for finding useful information in narrow niche markets)
Research often
Easy. They give us a lot of useful information. Our customers appreciate this. Most of the time they are free. They give us real-time results.
Let’s be honest. ..research is a great tool and if you haven’t done it yet, I hope you try it soon.