Use Instagram Stories for Instagram marketing

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Use Instagram Stories for Instagram marketing

Instagram Stories – this is a feature that Instagram introduced on August 2, 2016 and which Instagram adopted from its rival Snapchat. So Instagram wasn’t the first to publish these stories, but it was still a huge success.

According to Recode’s Kurt Wagner, Stories was the smartest move Instagram has ever made. Kurt says in his article: “Instagram has turned a stolen idea into a huge success.” Instagram releases a series of updates in Stories from time to time, which are definitely beneficial for the entrepreneur.

#Basic Uses of Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories appear in the bar at the top of the feed. You can view the stories by going to the profiles. When someone shares something new, a coloured ring appears around their profile picture. By clicking on your profile picture you can see your story.

You can share photos, 15-second videos, text and Instagram feeds in your stories. You can share multiple stories in a single post, and stories include the ability to mention someone to draw attention to them; and add hashtags, location and more. If your Instagram account is connected to Facebook, you can share Instagram Stories directly to Facebook Stories (except when you share an internal Instagram post to your Story). There are several features in Instagram Stories that have been introduced for commercial purposes, which we will discuss below.

#Instagram Stories for Business Since the platform understands the business use of Instagram, it has introduced some useful features for entrepreneurs. One of the features are stickers for Instagram stories. Using stickers you can add location, weather, etc. But the most important thing for business owners is the survey that they can fill out using the sticker option. This can be done with question stickers.

The purchase option can now also be added to Instagram Stories. According to an Instagram survey, “42% of Instagram women surveyed in the US say they enjoy shopping and consider it a hobby.””

All of these options are great for increasing traffic to your website.