Use keywords that are not related to your website

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Use keywords that are not related to your website.
Many illegal website owners try to increase search engine visibility by using keywords that have nothing to do with their website. They place keywords unrelated to the page (“sex”, the name of a popular celebrity, popular search terms of the day, etc.) in the meta tag on the page. The keyword has nothing to do with the subject of the page. However, they think that this will increase their impact because the keyword is popular. This technique is considered spam by search engines and can
result in the page (or sometimes the entire site) being removed from the search engine’s index.

Similar to keyword ranking, this means assigning multiple keywords to the graphic description or visual level of your website using the ‘alt=’ HTML parameter. If search engines detect that this message does not actually describe images or components, it will be considered spam.

Trust hidden text.
If you can’t see it, you may think it doesn’t matter. This is inappropriate. … Don’t try to hide keywords or keywords to avoid being seen. For example, some unique designers may have made the keyword the same color as the website; makes it invisible.

Dependency on subscriptions.
This is an alternative to the above (based on hidden text). Don’t try to hide keywords or keywords by making them smaller. This is done by making the text size of the keyword small enough to be invisible.

Assuming all search engines are the same.