Use other people’s articles to increase your website’s profits

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Use other people’s articles to increase your website’s profits

I have always been the type of webmaster who avoided using other people’s articles on my site. I thought that once I got people to my website, I didn’t want them to follow other people’s words of wisdom.

But recently I changed this song and this dance. And if you, as a webmaster, follow this mindset, you probably need to rethink your strategy. It is flawed for a very simple reason.

people use the Internet primarily for information. And no matter what you do or don’t do, many visitors to your website will still end up visiting your competitors’ websites.

That doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you or take any other action you want. It’s simply about doing business on the Internet, where your closest competitors are just a tap away.

This is why avid and avid golfers buy golf videos, subscribe to golf magazines, read golf books, and can even simulate playing video games on golf courses at home. People simply want quality information and will search for it even if they have already read entire volumes.

So by satisfying this information need (your information… other people’s information), you can actually keep visitors on your site longer and keep them coming back. Beautiful, isn’t it?

But more importantly, by placing other people’s articles on your site, you can also increase your profits.

How? Follow these simple steps:

1) Create an article Catalog on your existing website.

2) Collect targeted articles from directories like, and so on. Add them to the article directory on your websites. Make sure each article has its own website.

3) Add AdSense ads or Affiliate Sensor ads to each article page. For AdSense optimization tips, visit ( You can use the hotspot map to determine the best place for ads on your website.

By following these three steps you have accomplished several things.

First, you have created an additional source of income. Every time someone clicks on an AdSense ad, you earn money. If you’ve chosen affiliate sensor ads, you’ll earn money every time someone clicks and buys something.

Second, you added new content for your website visitors. This keeps them clicking much longer.

It’s easy, relatively painless and you can continue adding new items to further increase your chances of winning. Consider it your good karma to give free advertising to the authors of the article.