Use the power of product configurators

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Use the power of product configurators
The product configurators are powerful tools, but as with any tool, their effectiveness depends on how they are used. Successfully realizing its potential requires a thoughtful approach that focuses on understanding customers, seamlessly integrating the configurator into existing infrastructure, and maintaining the tool through regular reviews and updates.

Understand customer needs
The starting point for using a product configurator effectively is a thorough understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences. It goes beyond basic demographic information. What habits, preferences and problems do your customers have when shopping online?Which features or options in the product configurator are you likely to like?

For example, if you know that your customers appreciate a wide range of color options, make sure your 3D product configurator offers a wide range of colours. If they value knowing how a product fits into their space, consider adding a feature that allows them to showcase a customized product in a virtual space.

Collecting and analysing customer data can provide valuable insights, but don’t forget the power of asking for feedback. Regular contact with customers and getting their feedback can not only help you tailor the product configurator to their needs, but also make them feel valued and listened to, which strengthens their connection to your brand.