USE YOUR OWN DOMAIN Blog Optimization 101

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USE YOUR OWN DOMAIN Blog Optimization 101

A subdomain like may be the easiest choice, but remember that your domain name is your permanent online address and part of your online branding.

Therefore, invest a few dollars to get your own domain name, strengthen your brand and make it easier for readers to access your blog.

What keywords do you want your content and blog to be found in search engines? Remember to use these keywords in the titles and content of your blog posts. I’m not saying that you should write your articles to please search engines, but at least keep them in mind and use them as often as possible without compromising the actual content.

If you blog for business reasons, remember to interact with your readers in a business-oriented way.

Start by asking your readers questions about your area of ​​expertise and then answer them through your blog. Publish interesting customer case studies.If you receive a review, post it or link to it. And so forth…BLOG-SPECIFIC ADVERTISING TACTICS 101
a] Promote your RSS channels intensively

b] Ping search engines and directories after updating your blog using a free service like

And of course, none of this will mean anything if you don’t provide interesting, high-quality content frequently.