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Video Game Writer

Writing in video games has evolved over the decades. Nowadays you can find games with an epic storyline that rivals some of the most amazing movies in quality.

View the stories of games like The Last of Us, God of War and Mass Effect. Even in games that don’t often focus on the story, like platform games, you’ll still see amazing text. Think of games like Celeste, The Messenger and Axiom Verge.

All of this requires an experienced creative writer to take care of the narration, dialogue, scripts, and so on. Writing for a video game is completely different than writing a book, but it’s just as rewarding, especially when you see it all coming together.

Academic Writer Do you have what it takes to write a good thesis? Do you know how to choose a topic for college students? You could work as a science writer.

Does it still count as a creative career? It does! Even if you focus more on research, it takes creativity and writing skills to pull all the information together into one cohesive article.

Social Media Marketer Ever wondered who writes fun and creative tweets for Wendy’s? This is the responsibility of the social media manager or social media marketer.

You can make this career choice and practice your creative writing.

Prioritize writing Facebook posts, Instagram captions, or YouTube video descriptions. This is one of the most important tasks in any company, since your work directly affects your brand image. The words you say reflect how the company interacts with the community.

Start a Successful Creative Career Now Don’t limit your creative writing skills to journalism or simple editing.There are so many career opportunities, so don’t hesitate to explore and try them all. You might discover a new passion or a niche in which you excel!

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