Ways To Boost Your Instagram Marketing

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Ways To Boost Your Instagram Marketing

The photo-sharing app, used by more than 400 million people every day, has become a social media powerhouse since its launch in 2010. While most of us enjoy posting photos of our pets and/or your favourite travel destinations, there are a lot of things to do. Over and beyond. to this platform. Instagram has incredible potential as a marketing tool and every business should incorporate it into their strategy to build an audience and gain visibility.

If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to do it.

However, if you’ve already jumped on the bandwagon but feel like your efforts aren’t paying off, here’s what you should do to boost your Instagram marketing:

1.Use relevant and popular hashtags

The easiest way to get new followers on Instagram is to use the right hashtags. They help you increase the reach of your photos so more people can find you and interact with your content. When deciding which hashtags to use, you can choose hashtags that are trending or relevant to your niche. Popular/trending hashtags have the advantage that everyone is searching for them, meaning your chances of getting noticed are slim. On the other hand, using specific hashtags is more beneficial because that’s exactly what your target audience is looking for. Additionally, if you’re trying to identify relevant hashtags, Instagram’s search bar comes in handy with suggestions for related hashtags. So be sure to research all the options available. Of course, you can always check what your competitors are doing and what hashtags they are using. Oh, and before I forget, even though the app allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in a single post, you shouldn’t overdo it.

2. Use both photos and videos

Since Instagram is all about visually appealing content, be sure to harness the power of photos and videos to showcase your business in the best light and increase your brand visibility. Now that the app allows you to create an album with up to 10 photos and videos, you can unleash your creativity and use them to showcase a new product, promote an offer, highlight your customers, team and culture of your company, to name just a few examples. few. Additionally, you can even live stream on Instagram and engage with your audience in real time. You should definitely try this live streaming feature.