Ways to Promote Your Seasonal Editorial Calendar

Did you know there are 500+ fun and fabulous holidays to spice up your editorial calendar?

How about Groundhog Day, National Gymnastics Day or Kataklysmos (Flood) Festival? Each month has unique events and days that appeal to your target audience. Use the seasons to bring authenticity and honesty to your content marketing.

Seasonal content is not a direct sales/conversion tactic. But it can help you reach new audiences, understand customer interests, and personalize your brand. However, it won’t help you if nobody reads it.

Seasonal content promotion requires some time before and after work for maximum effectiveness. Read on to find out more.

Match your editorial calendar to the top holidays. Writing fresh editorial content is only part of the picture. For example, look at Thanksgiving. In the case of a food company, there can be many opportunities for an editorial comparison of the family gathered around the table.

Other additional materials can be recipes and cooking tips on Instagram or YouTube. Combine ads and earned placements to build a strong brand. Start your holiday content on a strict schedule and people will start anticipating your content.

Plan ahead Anticipate your content in every communication. Nothing heavy is needed. All it takes is something as simple as “look at pictures of all the company babies born this year on our company Christmas card” to spark interest.

If you’re planning your content year-round, these intros and outings work perfectly, taking customers from room to room. There are several applications for automatically publishing digital content.

Archive your content With a detailed calendar, it’s easy to quickly create content for the whole year. You can write your own content, schedule images, and schedule your post at the most interesting time.

Try Hootsuite or Tweriod to do some planning tasks.

#Hashtag Trends Do you want people to find your content? You have to help them find you. Feel free to use the #hashtag.Get people’s attention with @captions.

Use your analytics to create content your people will want to see and share. Also, use the data to inform about relevant events and activities that your customers and prospects want to see.