Ways To Take Your Earnings To The Next Level

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Ways To Take Your Earnings To The Next Level

It’s a fact that affiliate marketing is one of the quickest ways to get a web business up and running. After all, you don’t need a website, you don’t need a list and you can start advertising someone else’s product just 5 minutes from now.

And the great thing is you really can make money by doing it. But the truth is, if you are making money from a particular product you’re promoting in this fashion, you’re almost certainly leaving money on the table.

To explain why, we need to look at your average affiliate marketing strategy:

— Pick a product to promote with a high affiliate payout ($50 or more)

— Set up a pay-per-click campaign to promote your affiliate link

That’s it! Those two steps are what the vast majority of affiliate marketers do. And that’s why 95% of all affiliate payouts are made to just 5% of the people doing the marketing… because those top 5% are doing far more to earn their commissions than just a simple PPC campaign.

You need to understand that if you’re fortunate enough to be making money from the product you’re promoting just by doing those 2 basic steps, then it’s almost a racing certainty that you’re missing out on a mass of additional income.

Let’s look at how you could increase your commissions and future related sales on just one product you’re already making money from:

1. Build a ‘name squeeze’ page to capture your prospect’s name and email address. It’s a fact that virtually all product sales are made after the customer’s fifth visit to the website.

If you’re not capturing your prospect’s details, how are you going to make sure they go back to the sales page using your affiliate link? To greatly improve the chances of this you can set up a 7-series autoresponder to automatically send your lead additional information and reminders about the product they’re interested in. This approach will keep the product fresh in their mind.

2. Build a website reviewing the product you’re promoting, including a newsletter to catch your prospect’s details. You can give full details about how the product will solve your prospect’s problems, giving an impartial review of the features and benefits with some real-life results.