Web Application Testing

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Web Application Testing

We all know of cases where a particular bug completely destroyed the user experience of our applications. The reason is simple: there are no tests for web applications.

The problem is that the likelihood of bugs increasing with each year of coding and the cost of fixing bugs increases over time.

With thorough web testing, the opposite is unlikely. If the app testing goes smoothly, the app is ready to go live.It is very simple.

If development is done using Agile methods it is essential that you “combine” the testing phase and the development phase.

Web Testing: Basic Steps

If you are going to build the application correctly, it is essential to go through the 6 stages of testing. Let’s look at each step!

Step 1 Functional testing

What exactly is a web application?The first step in the testing phase is to make sure that the application on the Internet works as expected. Functionality test checks the connection to the database and all hyperlinks in web pages and cookies, as well as the forms used to submit and/or collect information from the user, etc.

It is recommended to start at the early development stage to speed up the entire development process and also reduce the risk when the application is finished. It involves performing a series of tasks that can be performed using an application program or human testers.

You can now compare them with the expected results.The task must be performed several times using different information inputs. If the accuracy is identical each time, the application is considered to be functionally right.

Of course, nobody expects every tiny issue to be resolved each time, but testing websites regularly can help us to design apps that work as efficiently as they can.

When you think about ways to test a site the next step is to conduct usability tests.

It’s not the exact test as the tests for User Acceptance because the objectives are completely distinct, and so are the phases of development of the app where these tests are carried out.

Usability testing can be done through the use of external testers that copy the desired user or internally by the developers themselves. If you’re looking to do testing outside of your company but don’t know where to find the right testers, apps like Apple’s TestFlight can be a good choice.